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Membership Dues are the lifeblood of our organization. These raise funds for teacher grants, maintenance of school grounds, alumni record keeping, among many other initiatives. Membership entitles you to the yearly issue of the Alumni High Life and cost $50/year..


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Become a Lifetime Member of the CE Byrd Alumni Association.  Make a one time $500 payment and never worry about your annual dues again!

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Donations to the Alumni Association is tax deductible.  Donations are a huge factor in making The City of Byrd head and shoulders above other schools in the state.


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Reach a large audience and support the school. Advertise on this site and our newsletter, sponsor specific events and take advantage of our huge network of Alumni. Reach out to us at for more info

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Want to honor a lost loved one or recognize someone special with ties to The City?  You can do so here. Add the notificant's name and address in the Memo Line to ensure that they are notified of the donation in their name


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The Alumni Association currently has 9 active scholarships supporting our students. Give to one of these, or start a new one! Click below to learn more and to donate.

Alumni office phone: (318) 286-7890

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