Alumni Association Board Meetings

The next Alumni Board meeting will be Tuesday November 10th at 4:30 p.m. on Zoom.  The school is back open but masks are required due to the COVID-19 virus.     (The Alumni office is still functioning if you need to contact us.)


Honorary Walkway 

The Alumni Association of C. E. Byrd High School recently invited you to participate in an exciting new beautification project for the campus, the BYRD HIGH SCHOOL HONORARY WALKWAY! This walkway is now nearly complete and we are in the process of installing the final bricks which will end the project.  The completed project will serve as a magnificent new entry to the gymnasium.  


The new entryway on Gladstone includes a garden, a plaza where one can stop for reflection and a multi-tiered walkway. This has enhanced the beauty of our school and provided an opportunity to honor ANYONE who has been a part of the "City of Byrd"!  Portions of the walkway consist of bricks that were purchased as a tribute to honor students, classes, alumni, faculty (both past and present) or any loved one who has been touched by the Byrd experience.


See photos below which show the progress as of October 27, 2015

(As of November 15, 2016 there are a few bricks left for purchase.)

New Alumni Office Phone Number

(318) 990-BYRD (2973)


Address Requests

These are limited because of the Privacy Act. We can contact the person whom you wish to contact and give them your phone mumber and address.

Address Changes or Deceased Alumni

Call the alumni office or email information to us at


Dues and Donations
Monetary donations are tax deductible. Thank you notes and receipts are mailed to you. Special receipts are sent for donations of more than $250.00.



Alumni High Life

If you are NOT receiving the Alumni High Life or any information from Byrd, WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION. Please contact us immediately!!  Alumni can request a digital version of the Alumni High Life in .pdf (Adobe Reader) format which will be sent via email by calling or emailing the office at byrdhighalumni@gmail.com

Due to the high volume of mail outs we only mail one copy to an individual address.  This reduces the printing and mailing costs.

Class Lists

Class Lists in Excel spreadsheet format are available free to those planning a class reunion. Please contact Charles Allen.

These photos show the almost complete Brick Walkway in front of the gym on Gladstone Street.  This was a welcome addition to the sloping hillside where the walkway was built.  The engraved bricks preserve the memory of Byrd graduates, teachers, administrators, parents and loved ones.  The walkway is used by the students on a daily basis and will be upgraded as the final few bricks are laid. 









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