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Every year, multiple classes of Yellow Jackets hold reunions, mostly surrounding the homecoming football weekend.  The Alumni Association is committed to assisting the class representatives in gathering student contact information and publishing a list of events on our website.

If your class is planning a reunion, please send the Alumni Association office an email at or call the office at 318-286-7890 detailing information so we can put it on this website and provide a class lists.

CLASS of 1974 (50 YR)         4/12/2024                 4/13/2024         CARTENNIS@AOL.COM
Centennial Celebrations       6/6/2025                   6/8/2025              Multiple Locations

Photo Gallery of Past Reunions

Class of 1968, 50th Reunion

148 Alumni from the class of 1968 attended their 50th reunion on the weekend of April 27-28.  It was a great weekend of renewing friendships and remembering our days at C. E. Byrd High School


First Row (L - R) Nancy Smith, Ginger Montgomery Cobb, Jo Giddens, Kathryn Tatum Land, Nancy Monzingo, Julia Thornton, Lan DeGenerous, Mary Alice Rountree, Peggy Mayfield Gouras, Madeline Harris Barrow, Pam Marsalis Kimbrough, Mittie King Bond, Catherine Robison Patton, Stephanie Marcus Newell, Gail Kelley Hankins, Julie Jackson Sandifer, Margaret Scarborough Eckel, Michele Monsour Gunderson, Shannon Ware Dean, Margaret Cole Sanches, Claire Herzog Gates.

Second Row (L - R) Suzee Segall Robison, Allison Rountree Palmer, Leslie Meyer Boose, Jeri Creegan Rorie, Doug Rorie, Patricia Hubley Hooper, Rosalyn D'Anna Grassi Tuminello, Anne Ratzburg Beasley, Candy Carroll Peavy, Sally Lyons, Mia Asklund Asp, Sandra Caudle Triplett, Thomas Mack, Pati Blumgerg, Becky Bullock Lott, Nancy Talbot Sale, Heloise Turner Tompkins, Martha Dover, Peggy Dove Whitehouse, Jeanne Buhler Henderson, Dana Mason.

Third Row (L - R) George Mills, Jr. Carol Colvin Peyton, Jack Richardson, Cathey Roos Cook, Gary Calligas, Suzi Faludi Johnson, Harry Daugherty, Mary T. McGuire, David Beasley, Bryan McDaniel, Margaret Eglin Nicholson, Danny Cole, Ann Bodenheimer Fleming, Jimmy Patton, Louise Williams Smith, Doug Schaumberg, Phil Stewart, Don Cunningham, Mary Louise Porter, Kay Sumrall Brookings.

Fourth Row (L - R) Jackson Richardson, Hilda Robertson Holder, Thomas (Mac) Bosley, Ed Crawford, Don Weir, Larry Feldman, Tom Norton, Alan Jennings, Bill Rathert, Robert Rainwater, Ron Smith, Cesall Cheatham, Donnie Walker, Ray Woods, Barry Fallin, Les Kirk, Joe Quinn, Gerry Holland, Lad Tomlin, Hal Carter, Peter Campbell, Laura Lyons McLemore, Mike Mason, David Brookings, Melinda Church Mattingly, Charlotte Shaw Watson, Helaine Nierman Braunig, Steve Hicks.

Class of 1997, 20th Reunion
Class of 1967, 50th Reunion
Class of 1966, 50th Reunion
Class of 1969, 50th Reunion
Class of 1946, 70th Reunion

C. E. Byrd Alumni from the class of 1946 at the East Ridge Country Club formal dinner on October 15, 2016

Seated:  Jimmie Brown and Ralph Brown,   L to R:  Jo Mills Row, Katharine Caruthers, Geraldine Vantien, Joyce Hardin Andrews, Frank Robinson, Vanette Keith, John Long, John Caruthers, T. O. Perry, Sam Talbot, Don Hathaway, Lewis Harris, Cecile Harris, Jim Leisk, and Mandel Selber.

Class of 2001, 20th Reunion
2001 Reuinion.jpg
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