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Membership Dues Alert




  • Lifetime Membership(s) -  $500

  • Annual Dues (August 1 -July 31) -  $50


For online payments click   







Or, download the form below and mail it to the address on the right.





Membership dues are not tax deductible.


Your dues pay for:

  • one issues yearly of the Alumni HIGH LIFE

  • maintaining the Alumni Office

  • maintaining the Alumni Server and Database

  • maintaining the Alumni Website

  • maintenance & improvement of school grounds

  • teacher grants

  • student scholarships

  • student travel expenses

  • technology improvements

Class of 2021 email request:

Alumni office phone: (318) 286-7890


  • Friends of Byrd -  $50

  • Purple Jackets -  $100                               

  • Gold Jackets -  $200

  • Ultimate Jackets -  $500

  • Top Jackets -  $1000 +


If paying by check, please make the check payable to: CE Byrd Alumni Association.


Mail to: CE Byrd Alumni Association

                3201 Line Ave

                Shreveport, LA 71104


Please indicate the level of donation on your check in the memo line.

If you would like to make a Gift "In Memory Of" or "In Honor Of" someone, please Donate here:

*Please make sure to add the Name and Address of anyone you would like for us to notify of your donation


Donations are tax deductible. Thank you notes and receipts are mailed to you. Special receipts are sent for donations of more than $250.00.



Missing Alumni



These two files are alumni with missing addresses.  Download one of these files to see if your name is on the list. If so, we do not have a correct address for you in the database.  You can send us your updated information by filling out this form.   Alumni Office (318) 990-2973  Please repeat your information and phone number.

            (These files were updated on August 4, 2021)

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