Friday October 18, 2013

East Ridge Country Club

12:00 a.m.

10 Inductees will be honored

Tickets are $25.00 per person

Make check payable to C. E. Byrd Alumni Association

Mail to:  Joanne Sigler

474 Pennsylvania

Shreveport, LA 71105

Deadline for receiving your check is October 14, 2013


The Hall of Fame began in June, 1987, in connection with the Byrd Ultimate Reunion.  It would honor outstanding alumni and one former Byrd educator.  Induction was held at the Hall of Fame Luncheon where each honoree would speak to alumni and friends. The following year the Hall of Fame was held at Homecoming and the 1998 inductees spoke to the student body at two assemblies so that everyone could attend.  At noon they spoke to alumni and friends at what has become another Byrd tradition, the Alumni Hall of Fame Luncheon generally held at a downtown location or a country club.  In late years, outstanding student leaders have been given tickets to this event. Qualifications for the Hall of Fame are that the person has been out of Byrd for at least ten years and is outstanding in their field and/or community.  An educator must have been away from Byrd for five years and was an outstanding faculty or staff person with an impact on the students or great service to the school.  Nomination forms for the Hall of Fame can be downloaded from the Byrd Alumni website or requested by calling the Alumni Office at 318-868-2729 and giving your name and address.  Please speak clearly.


1987                                                              1988

Grover C Koffman, Principal                           Charles Ravenna 1928

Senator J Bennett Johnston 1950                     James Gardner, Mayor 1940 

Max Nathan 1952                                               Richard “Dickie” Murray, Maj Gen (Ret) 1950

Virginia Kilpatrick Shehee   1940                    Andy Sidaris 1948

Edward C “Pete” Aldridge Jr 1956                  Dan Sandifer 1943

Tom Jarriel   1952                                              Randall Kent  1942

 1989                                                                1990

 Eleanor Blatterman, Faculty                           Roy Evans, Faculty Administrator

Jo Green Pardue,  Faculty                               Tom Stagg 1939

Jacques L Wiener, Judge  1952                       William T Hanna, Mayor 1947

Mary Jack Wintle 1952                                   John Bacall, PhD  1952

Michael Griffith, PhD 1959                             W Ray Wallace  1940

Harold B Levy, MD 1933                                 Henry Goodrich  1947

Paul Greenberg  1954                                      Bettina C Hillman Mattson, MD  1945

 1991                                                                    1992   

 James H Duncan, Principal                                 John Rogers, Faculty

Marie Theresa LeBlanc, Faculty                           John H Dalton, Secretary of the Navy  1959

Pike Hall, Judge  1947                                         Don Hoyt Davis 1957 

James E Stewart, Judge 1973                               Robert “Bob” Bolen, Mayor  1943

Bishop Ben Oliphint  1941                                  Helen Heath Wray  1938

Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz, PhD 1959                 William Edward “Bill” Joyce  1976

                                                                            Pattie Warren Van Hook, MD  1945

 1993                                                                  1994

 Mary Clyde Wintle, Faculty                            Woodrow “Woody” Turner, Faculty

Anna Holmes Hinckley McGraw  1926            Elizabeth Lieber Fox  1927     

John Craig Flournoy 1969                                Whitney H Boggs Jr, MD  1945

Lester Senter Wilson, PhD  1959                      Edward “Pete” Harbuck  1952

Richard “Rick” Hawkins  1969                        Merle Kilgore 1952

David Hentschel  1952                                     Jack Schuster, PhD  1955

 1995  -                                                                      1996

 Mamie White Rusheon Breazeale, Faculty                Dorothy Barnes Cox, Faculty

Joe David “J D” Cox, Faculty                                      Travis A White  1926

Sam Peters  1935                                                           William T “Billy” Whisner Jr 1940

Martha Knox McGuffin Goodman  1952                    William S Bundrick, MD  1956

Barbara “B J “ Griffen  1959                                       Jerry Mashaw  1959

 1997                                                                            1998

 Jerry Malone, Faculty                                                 Irma Robinson, Faculty

Frances Micky Maguire Gilfoil  1940                         John D Caruthers  1946

Stuart D Lunn 1942                                                     Gene Lafitte 1946

L Frank Moore  1944                                                  Barbara Rusheon Hodges  1953

Andrew J Shoup  1953                                                 Ronald L Sawyer  1953          

Senator Saxby Chambliss  1961                                  Keith S Jones, Capt (Ret)  1956

 1999                                                                            2000   

 Nellie V Strother, Faculty                                            B L “Buddy” Shaw, Principal  

Norman V Kinnsey  1938                                            Lucille Mertz Hendrick, Faculty

Catherine Carpenter Colgan  1947                            Tillman Franks  1940

Thomas “Tem” McElroy  1961                                   Wes Wise, Mayor  1945

Grady S “Mack” McCarter   1963                              Donald E Hathaway  1946

                                                                                       Curtis W Mewbourne  1953

 2001                                                                            2002

 R Lynne Fitzgerald, Principal                                    Joseph B Dornier, Faculty

M Thornton Brice  1953                                             Marie Tileux Davis  1949       

W Roger Briley, PhD 1961                                          George W Hardy  1950

Larry R Faulkner, PhD 1962                                        William A Robinson  1957

James H Parker, PhD 1963                                         Charles D Knight, MD  1938

T O Perry  1946                                                           Fuller Bazer, PhD  1956

2003                                                                            2004   

Robert “Scotty” Robertson III, Faculty                    John H “Sleepy” Laughlin, Faculty

Hoyt Bain  1959                                                          Peter Boggs, MD  1957

Joseph Gray, Maj Gen (Ret) 1953                             B G “Jug” Burkett  1962

John Long  1947                                                          Mike Jones, Gen (Ret)  1973

James W Middleton Jr, MD  1962                              Jack Pulwers, PhD  1942

Waldo E Cecil   1947                                                    Byrum Teekell   1945

2005                                                                            2006

 Marieda Pace Bowdon, Faculty                                  Dorothy Hanks, Faculty          

Rupert “Bo” Campbell  1959                                      Raymond Baker  1953

Benjamin F Carter  1958                                            Lynn Griffin   1963     

Marvin Lipson   1949                                                  Vernon Chance  1956

Gary Pittman  1962                                                     Bob Hamm 1958

Mary Ann Blanchard Selber  1961                             Bobby Lyle, EDD  1958

 2007                                                                            2008

 Jack Rowan, Faculty                                                   Barbara Ann Whitehead, Faculty

Professor C E Byrd                                                      Robert C Crosby  1956

Allen Wier  1964                                                         Gwen Talbot Hodges  1963

Jerry Smitherman Wray  1942                                   Thomas “Tom” Foreman Parker III, MD 1958           

James R Murphy  1951                                               Patricia Ann Peyton  1954

Troy Verges  1991                                                       H Robert “Bob” Scivally  1946

James P Myers  1958                                     

Jack Crichton  1933

Sandi Phillips Kallenberg  1961                (Note: Hall of Fame is every other Year now)

2009                                                        2011

Betsy Vogel Boze PHD 1971                 Dean Mann 1961
Shirley Trusty Corey 1953                    Clint McAlister 1957
Robert V. "Bob" Pack 196                       Stamen Ogilvie 1967
Becky L Schergens 1958                       Fred Sexton, Judge 1956
Rod M Yeager MD 1958                         John Blocker Thornton, III 1963
Jacque Treese, Faculty                          Cyrus Larmoyeux, Major (Ret)
Dorothy Helm Welbourne 1940             Jack Mitchell, LTC (Ret)



Edited  11/11/2013